27 March 2007

National Trout Unlimited Backs Off on Stream Access

Experienced anglers know when they are getting into water that is too deep and need to back off.

This common sense approach prevailed with the National Trout Unlimited board of directors when, late last week, they decided to rescind a proposed resolution* that would have prohibited state and local TU chapters from engaging in stream access issues.

Wise choice: given the hue and cry from rank-and-file TU members, a "stream access is out-of-bounds" stance would have seriously harmed grassroots support for TU in Montana.

National TU will form an ad hoc committee to consider the issue and take into account the views of grassroots members before making a recommendation to the full board for its meeting next September.

* See EcoRover blogspot entries for 13.March.2007 and 21.March.2007.

Cf. Perry Backus, "National Trout Unlimited retreats from access stance," 27.March.2007 issue of The Missoulian newspaper, http://www.missoulian.com/.

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