06 April 2007

Jefferson River Again

Our friends Jim & Phyllis also have a little brother, Dmitri. Like AJ, he likes to fish. We joined forces for an afernoon on the Jefferson River. We boys went on ahead, and later Jan & Phyllis met us for a picnic supper. The weather was sunny and springtime-warm in Butte, but as we crossed the Divide toward the Jeff we dropped into a cloudy and cool world.

Jim, Dmitri, and AJ were armed with spinning gear and nightcrawlers, whereas I was anxious to try out the newly infamous "San Juan Sparkle Worm" that Chad Okrusch tied and gave me (below). It worked, though the browns were running a little small for the Jeff (12" or so). And the water was cold! I had to get out and walk around every few fish--say every half hour or so.

Turns out I had met Dmitri (below) several years ago. He is friends with Jory Collins' boy Nick, and he & Nick were repairing an old dirt bike once while Jory was rebuilding my Land Rover engine. AJ knows Dmitri from their days together in the Civilian Air Patrol. Small world, Butte. And, since Nick is a Russian immigrant, small world period. The girls just arrived and RTD says, "Time to eat." That's AJ on the right, with tomorrow's supper. See you on the river!

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