21 January 2008

Butte Microbrew: Quarry Brewing Company

'Bout time. For years, Montana's most notorius drinking town, Butte, has been thirsting for a brew pub. Rumours and threats went 'round, but all came to nought. Many of us had abandoned hope.

Then, it happened: Chuck and Lyza Schnabel (from our sister city of Anaconda, no less!) moved to Butte and founded the Quarry Brewing Company. It's in a nondescript old garage at 45 W Galena St, smack in the middle of the uptown. Not much of a sign outside, so the easiest way to find it: right across from the Gold Rush Casino.

There's a nice selection of beers and in the near future when the hops become more available, Chuck says they'll add an IPA:

The bar and tables (with church pews for seating) are comfortable, and if you don't already know whomever you're standing or sitting next to, you will in five minutes. Here's Lyza tending the bar:

Regular patrons can join the Mug Club (there's a waiting list):

While quaffing your brew, mull on the magic of yeast, hops, and grain in the adjacent room:

Help yourself to some popcorn, chat with your friends, and order another pint. And, if you can't get to the Quarry before the 6 p.m. closing time, lots of Butte bars are carrying Quarry brews. If not, be sure to ask! Currently, the Open Pit Porter is the popular choice at other bars. Quarry regulars seem to prefer Shale Pale Ale. They are both very good. Any questions? Just ask Chuck:

My favorite time for a beer? Well, if you bring home a growler, anytime is good. But after a couple hours of skiing there's nothing like a pint:

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