09 April 2008

John Driscoll & The Steward online magazine

My friend and fellow Walkervillain [sic] Ed Dobb drew my attention to John Driscoll's e-zine, StewardMagazine .

Driscoll is a Butte native now living in Helena, and a former Montana legislator and Pentagon employee. The zine takes its name from Butte's Steward (aka Stewart) Mine, one of W. A. Clark's properties that made up the original Amalgamated Copper Company in 1899 and was later merged with the Anaconda Copper Mining Company.

Many of the essays are Driscoll's own (see for example "My 9-11 Experience at the Pentagon") .

He also has his eye out for other interesting and relevant news and fiction, including historical treasures such as Joseph H. Duffy's poem "The Kid from Butte, Montana" (1930).

As Barack Obama said to end his speech at the Butte Civic Center, "Tap 'er light."

Stewart Mine, Montana DEQ website.

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