20 April 2010

Happy Earth Day from Butte, Montana

This post is dedicated to Gaia, our Earth. Every day is Earth Day. Here's a glimpse of my corner of Earth in southwest Montana, month-by-month, as seen through the eyes of a year-round outdoorsmen. [Caution: October and November are illustrated with photographs of dead animals.]

Moose at Butte's Moulton Cross Country Skiing area settle into the willow bottoms:

Back country skiing opens up, like the ungroomed pole line run at The Moulton:

The full moon calls us out for a night ski (friends Don & Andrea Stierle on Big Flat overlooking Butte):

Ice goes off the creeks of the upper Big Hole River, and the water offers up a mess of Brook Trout for a Spring Feast:

Elk return to their calving range near Anaconda, Montana:

Salmon flies hatch on Montana's Big Hole River, making for outstandint fishing with large dry flies:
Peakbagging in the Pintler Wilderness near Butte, Montana:

Annual campout with family & friends at Dr Anaconda Lake (the area burned off in a big forest fire in 2000):

Watching wolves in nearby Yellowstone National Park:

Hunting season begins, and the hills of the Lower Big Hole River offer up a pronghorn antelope:

Hunting season continues with white-tailed deer, mule deer, and (shown here) elk. The freezer is full. Thank you, Earth:

Temperatures drop, more snow comes, and it's time to begin skiing again:


Maria said...

Awesome post ER!
What a great concept for a post...

I think you've got your calendar made for next year!

It looks like you have enjoyed our wonderful Earth through each season ... and with a grateful heart ~

Happy Earth Day to you and your family~ Maria

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Wonderful set of pictures - I too was thinking "calendar" !

The Hunter's Wife said...

So true that every day is earth day when you enjoy the outdoors. Love the post and photographs.

Regina said...

Wonderful and superb captures!
Let us enjoy the beauty of nature.
Thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

I love "everday is Earth Day". I've enjoyed reading this post and seeing what it is like all year round in your beautiful part of the world. Absolutely wonderful!