26 August 2010

SkyWatch Friday: Montana Summer Skies, Endless Blue

The Big Sky above Butte, Montana has been very clear, from crystalline sunset (view from Walkerville, Montana):

To bright blue morning moonset (view of Mt Haggin near Anaconda, Montana; moon on ridge at center right):

On a hike along the Continental Divide between the Clark Fork and Big Hole Rivers, the bluebird sky made a good contrast with a lodgepole pine and juniper spotted of pink weathered rock:

Though summer is nearly over in the high country, you'd never know it from these blazing hot clear days (we hit 90 deg F for the first time this summer). But some morning soon, we'll awake to a heavy frost and perhaps a dusting of snow. Soon.


Jenn said...

I love how orange the first picture is! So beautiful!

My Sky Watch Friday is up HERE. Happy Friday!

Sylvia K said...

Gorgeous captures, as always! That glowing orange in the first shot is breathtaking! Montana has always had beautiful skies -- one of the things I remember about the 17 years I lived there! Happy SWF! Hope you have a terrific weekend! Enjoy!


Judy said...

I love the moonset! And you are right - MTD definitely does not want to be a moose!

J Bar said...

Great skies.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

BraCom (Bram) said...

Beautiful Sky Watch photos

Happy SWF! Have a nice weekend,
Regards, Bram

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Anonymous said...

What an endless blue shell of a sky.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I looove Montana! It's still just as beautiful now as it was when I vacationed there in 1984... I really need to get back up there, considering how much I love it!!!

Thanks so much for visiting & commenting!

Anonymous said...

The first shot is my favorite, but I love the color of violet-blue the sky is in the other shots.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I know that when I am interested in seeing a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, I just need to come to MONTANA --and see your blog... WOW!!!! Love the moon also.

Have a great weekend.

vincibene said...

Gorgeous series! Wonderful orange and blue.

secret agent woman said...

That first one would make a good blog banner. :-)

Spiderdama said...

The first one is so beautful, great color. Like the mountain in nr 2 also.
Wish you a happy week:-)

Janie said...

Lovely sunrise and moonset photos. Your pink rocks make the landscape colorful.
Thinking about snow already? I'd rather wait a few weeks and have some more nice hiking days.