16 March 2012

EcoRover, Art Model

Another busy week including sitting as a model for art students, joining the students for an international exhibit in Chongqing, archery with the Professor of Wushu (Baoqiang Chen), dinners and after-dinner walks with students. I especially like it when the students show up in a small group at the end of office hours (c. 5:30 p.m.) to take me out for some new dining experience.

I'm still finding lovely new contemplative spots on campus, such as this pond with walkway:

And, above it, the gazebo (凉亭): 

As an experience that both feeds the ego and induces a mild identity crisis, I sat as a model for an art class. It was 2-hour morning + 2-hour afternoon experience, thank goodness for strong tea and a student's mix-tape of American folk songs to keep me awake after a sumptuous lunch. "Jerry" on the right is a student from my graduate class and "Sugar" on the left is the graduate assistant in charge of the art class:

The studio was crowded with a dozen students plus a huge, jumbled assortment of paintings. Some of various town scenes:

And others that were interesting portraits. The first one here is by a Uighur student depicting the close ties of people in his homeland:

The second is by Professor Fu Nianping:

In preparing for my new modeling career, I drew inspiration from some of the find statuary on campus. Alas, I don't cut quite the figure of these stalwarts:

Here are some of the students' interpretations of EcoRover, in no particular order:

 Still hoping for the promised hike on nearby Jinyun Mountain--students in my class this morning (how many American college students would ask for a canceled weekday class to be rescheduled to Saturday morning?)  told me I am to meet them tomorrow morning at the Confucius statue at Number 5 Gate. OK. Now if I can only find the right gate....


Sylvia K said...

What an incredible and delightful experience you're enjoying! I think it's fantastic and I'm enjoying following your adventure! Great captures and, hey! You make a great model! Thanks for sharing with us!


archery said...

Sharing with friends is really makes one's day. I like it that that you can still have time for archery even after a hard days work teaching students. I myself love the sport and make it one of my diversions from work.

Anonymous said...

I can see that you getting the full experience of teaching abroad. It was nice of you to pose for them. I will bet they call you the cowboy!

~ Sheepheads said...

Hi Pat,

Just a quick note to again say congratulations on the Fulbright and thanks for taking us along.

According to the local paper and MT Dept of Commerce, Montana just reported its highest level of exports in its history,

Thanks for helping to draw the cultures together. Good luck on the environmental front.

Regards, Garland

Judy said...

At least it wasn't one of those classes where you have to take your clothes off...
Have fun on your hike in the morning!!

troutbirder said...

Oh my. What a wonderful new alternative career oportunity.... :)

BLD in MT said...

Wow! I hope you find the right gate and bring your camera along for the hike, of course!

The portraits are quite excellent. How was it being a model? Were you self-conscious? Did you want to scratch your nose (something that happens to me when I am not supposed to move)?

And do they call you a cowboy?

Should Fish More said...

I think in the first portrait that you bear a remarkable resemblance to Trotsky.
Snow yesterday and today, about 8-10 inches....springtime approaches.