15 August 2006

Mud Season


The Moulton road gets pretty muddy past the last house. I've not had any trouble with either Jan's Subaru or my Toy pup, but I have confidence and pretty well know what each will do. If you go first thing on a cold morning, the road will be frozen and no problem, but it does get soupy come early afternoon. It's not bottomless though.
Nice spring snowstorm. We got nearly 12" at the house. I had to go out on an errand last night at 10 pm or so, and it was a little tricky getting back up our hill and parking. It'll be gone today if the sun stays out.

Dave co-opted me out on a hike in the lower Big Hole hills last week, looking for what he suspects is a jasper deposit (didn't find it). It was cool and a little wet in Butte, but gloriously warm, sunny, and dry there on the wide open prairie and rolling hills. Saw the largest buck antelope ever. Not another sole or human structure in sight for miles. What a great place to ride horses that would be.

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