15 August 2006

Springtime in the Rockies

Dave & I had a good trip in the Rochester Basin.We did a lot of hiking in some very rugged country, though much of Rochester Basin is gorgeous and fairly level high prairie -- wideopen prairie country. Dave took pics of old mines, I admired shooting stars (flowers), meadowlarks, elk, antelope, and found some tipi rings, etc. A lot of elk came down to a spring in the morning. They will be splitting off and calving soon. Appleman was to go with us, but changed his mind and skied the southern end of the Tobacco Roots instead. Hard to believe he's still skiing. Says he'll ski until the rivers get high and make for good kayaking.
Saturday evening we had a little rain shower (not even enough to drive us away from lounging 'round the fire), Dave got some great pics of a rainbow, and RolyTheDog chomped down on a small porcupine. Her first bite ever. Not sure what got into her. Pulled about two dozen quills from the roof of her mouth, tongue, and lips. Pulled several more the past day or two -- they keep working through from the inside and show up on the outside. Glad I had pliers with me.
We saw some bear hunters driving around, but we did not see any fresh bear sign.
I got an email from an old friend today -- he reminded me that it's time to plan the Memoridal Day campout. If the weather is decent, we plan to camp at the Home Ranch. If the weather is not so good, I'm liable to be there alone, listening to the bare-headed bulls whistle while the cows calve. I'll plan on making camp Friday. On Saturday (27 May) evening, I'm giving a talk at Anaconda's "Blast from the Past" festival http://goldwest.visitmt.com/listings/16217.htm, and we'll probably hang around the event much of the day.

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