03 May 2007

Julie MacDonald Leaves US FWS: the wicked witch of the west is gone

In light of increasing public criticism and a scheduled congressional oversight hearing Julie MacDonald has resigned. This person was bad, BAD, BAD as the Department of Interior official in charge of the US Fish & Wildlife Service's endangered species program. She was, of course, a Bush appointee put into that job to insure that our natural heritage never interfere with business, industry, or the whacko rightwing way.

Here are just a shortlist of Julie MacDonald's evil doings:
- embroiled herself in conflicts of interests with land developers, friends, and family members;
- provided internal agency documents to industry and agriculture lobbyists;
- altered scientific findings based on her political and economic desires;
- belittled and threatened agency scientists who would not kow-tow to her;
- played internet role-playing games where she vented her feelings against (and divulged internal information about) endangered species; and
- submitted decisions in her own name when agency scientists refused to sign off.

As a human being, Julie MacDonald has less value than the species she was responsible for protecting. By willfully failing in her duty, she compromised her own integrity and value. This is a harsh statement, but how else can you judge someone who facilitated the extinction of precious life?

Sadly, it is too too late for the many endandered species that were harmed under her watch. And sadly, this is just one of many examples of extreme rightwing Bush interference in the workings of good government. Endangered species (such as our Big Hole River grayling) and the public are both losers. The critters that have evolved (or been created, if that's your belief) on this good, green earth have a right to persist. Likewise, we human beings have the right to live in a world that is not diminished by the loss of species. And, finally, we have a right to expect good science and truth when our government makes a decision.


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