26 December 2008

Emily Munday: Slayer of the Mighty Christmas Tree

There we were, Jan & I the anxious parents: on the phone & internet trying to find out when our dear daughter might make her flights & connections from Boston, Massachusetts, to Butte America. With storms across the northern tier of the United States from sea to shining sea, delays were inevitable. At last, after an unscheduled night in Denver, Emily Munday caught a standby seat to nearby Boz Angelas (aka Bozeman), Montana.

Bright and early (10 am?) the next morning we left Walkerville for the annual Christmas Tree hunt. Everyone has their favorite place to cut a tree. (Did someone say buy a tree? Never heard of it.) Butte is surrounded by federal and state lands, so you don't need to drive far:

Remember Charlie Brown's Christmas? Now, that there's a tree:

And look, Santa's reindeer queueing up on a nearby hillside:

RTD, tree inspector, says "Mom likes natural decorations. Cut this Douglas Fir with all the little cones:"


After a short half-mile drag to the truck, we tied it on, and headed for home:

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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