31 December 2008

Happy New Year: Let's go (Cross Country) Skiing

The Moulton ski area is the finest cross country ski trails in Montana, and perhaps in the nation. It is located on National Forest Land just five miles north of Butte America, free to all (including dogs!), and groomed by ski club volunteers. The Moulton: yet one more reason why I wake up each morning thankful to live in such a fantastic place (directions).

OK, let's go (daughter Emily Munday, home for the holidays):

RTD says, "First, we must do our warm-up." She ain't called "Roly The Dog" for nothing:

Who's that knocking on my door? Wow, the woodpecker population has exploded given our big infestation of lodgegpole pine beetles. Here's a Hairy Woodpecker (Picoide villosus):

It's nice to warm up on the climb to the upper trails:

So many trails, and so little time. Life is short. Ski hard:

And put that sweater back on for the downhill run back to the truck:

Wow! You know it was a good day when you skied so hard, you broke a pole:

Yep, RTD agrees. Now let's jump in the truck and eat that biscuit:

Happy New Year, everyone!


The Moulton: Montana's Finest Cross Country Skiing Area

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troutbirder said...

What fun! And a beautiful area besides. If there are two activities I really miss its cross country skiing and tennis. My knee replacement has allowed me to return to flyfishing but Dr. Ortho said no to skiing and tennis ( well tennis was ok if I promised not to make sharp cuts, run hard or be extremely competitive... baloney.)