14 January 2009

Morning Devotionals: Cross Country Skiing at The Moulton

Semester classes have begun at My College in Butte America, so I am back into the rhythm -- and ritual -- of morning skiing at The Moulton. Many years ago, in part thanks to a childhood friend who was a Seneca Indian, I learned the notion of being-in-nature-as-a-prayer. Ronnie Knot explained it to me in the context of taking a hike in the woods as a sort of "count the blessings" experience, and an appreciation for the beauty of the world.

The day begins with morning fog over the town of Butte, Montana, below Walkerville:

Driving up to The Moulton, looking west, the Pintler ridges stand stark against the dark sky:

From the parking lot at The Moulton, looking up toward one of Butte's reservoirs, the sun rises behind a bank of ominous clouds:

It's a cold morning, and dendritic patterns of frost still cling to the Land Rover windshield:

A few days ago, fresh snow blanketed the hills, and the snowshoe hare's big feet provided little advantage as they sank into the surface:

Hard work when there are still places to go and food to find:

Today, the snow has set up, and the "rabbit's" big feet skip over the surface:

Making it worthwhile to cover longer distances for a little choice forage:

For me, too, the deep soft snow made the In Vein trail an "In Vain" (as Rick Appleman calls it at times) skiing experience:

But today the trails are firm. Yesterday's tracks have been groomed out by the wind, making for a delightful run down Big Nipper/Widow Maker:

Also as part of my devotional, I pray that my boots don't break. From day-to-day, I monitor "progress" as the toe bar breaks out of my ski boot. So far, regular treatments with epoxy and super-glue are holding it together:

Seems like no one makes SNS BC ("Salomen Nordic System Back Country") boots anymore. Maybe I'll need to change boots & bindings over to NNN BC?

The Moulton: Montana's finest cross country ski trails.



troutbirder said...

With my fake knee I don't cross country ski anymore. So I especially enjoyed this vicarious one. Beautiful scenery! Thanks

Anonymous said...

I googled around a bit for salomon and sns bc and found a page that gives basic info about the bindings:

I also found that backcountry.com has a good selection of boots for sns bc. Try http://www.backcountry.com/store/subcat/14/Cross-Country-Skiing.html and search for "sns" or "sns bc"

Backcountry.com has a number of "one deal at a time" child sites. www.Tramdock.com is one that has ski gear. There's a mix of DH and XC gear, with a leaning toward apparel.


EcoRover said...

Thanx Shuttercat for the good info on boots and the link back to your vast Flicker photo site.

Unknown said...

I do not know if you still need the nordic boot.
As far as I know, just only a Swedish brand named EVEREST making SNS XA(BC) Nordic boot right now, maybe you can find it on Stadium.se web shop...