06 January 2009

Ouch! Subaru Legacy Outback Totaled

Last Sunday afternoon, Jan, Emily & I found out why the Subaru Legacy Outback has a five-star crash rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is a top safety pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

There we were, driving south on Main Street in Butte, happy for the beautiful clear skies for Emily's flight back to Boston. Meanwhile, a 17-year old girl with no insurance and a car-full of friends was racing another young driver up the hill. She crossed into the icy median, slid out of control, and we hit her more-or-less broadside. I barely had time to touch the brake.

Here is Jan with her poor car:

The good news: we all were belted in, the airbags deployed, Subaru's good cabin design soaked up a lot of energy, and we walked away with barely a bruise. The kids in the little Honda were not so lucky. At least two were admitted to the hospital, I hope with no life-threatening injuries. Glad RTD was not in the car with us--she would have been thrashed; maybe I'll start putting her dog harness on her & belting her in too!


Knock on wood, but this is the first crash Jan & I have experienced in 30+ years together. Hope it's another 30+ years before the next one!

Kudos to the Butte-Silver Bow police & A-1 Ambulance service for arriving on the scene in minutes. They were all tremendously professional, efficient, and caring. Ditto for the good folks at Gilboy Towing (AAA certified). And, given the circumstances, our insurance carrier Liberty Mutual has been outstanding--they had our claim filed in 24-hours and totally processed in 48-hours.

Oh, and Emily made her fight, thanks to the quick help of friends Dave & Gloria Carter.


NCmountainwoman said...

What a frightening story...on so many fronts. Wonderful that neither you nor your wife were injured.

Kirsten said...

I am so glad you guys are alright. What a scary incident!

My dog has a harness with a loop for the seatbelt to go through. I always buckle her in during the winter, but she has usually either unbuckled the seatbelt or wriggled her way out of the harness by the time we reach our destination. I haven't figured out how to outsmart her on that yet.

mberenis said...

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Anonymous said...

Ok I have 2 questions did the side airbags deploy as well when it hit the door and did u get another Subaru outback like that design??

EcoRover said...

Anonymous--yes to both, and we're looking for a good used Impreza as our daughter's first car. An earlier Legacy Outback went over 200K on Montana highways & Forest Roads, pulled a trailer much of that distance, and when we sold it it was still a solid car.

Diana Hayes said...

That looks bad! Good thing none of you were hurt, thanks to the efficiency of Subaru’s cabin design. Though it was too bad that it wasn’t the same case for the passengers of the other car. I hope they recuperated well from the injuries, and that was the last accident all you had to go through. Drive safely!

Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru