27 February 2009

EcoRover Goes to Boston

I'm a homebody, and don't like to wander too far from the good elk hunting, backpacking, cross country skiing, and trout fishing in my backyard. But Mrs. EcoRover & I weren't about to miss daughter Emily swimming at her conference championship, either, as well as a chance to see friends Andy & Sarah Wilson and their daughter Emily from New Hampshire. So off we went.

Mostly, we sat and cheered in the morning, drank a pint or two for lunch, then cheered some more for the evening finals. But we did get out to a few sites, like the New England Aquarium:

With its amazing jellies:

Cute penquins:

Show-off of an octopus:

And hard working snails:

Looking at fish for two hours builds up an appetite for fish at our favorite spot, The Barking Crab:

Best oysters in Boston:

After a hearty lunch of oysters, crabcakes, and pints, it's time for a walk. For a little city, Butte America has great architecture, but I am partial to the grand old train stations found in cities; here, South Station:

You can't walk far above or below ground in Boston without taking in some of the great street performers:

For the girls, there was a little shopping time, which I find for the birds:

We also visited the Museum of Science, took in an IMAX show, and were totally enthralled by the butterfly house. Sorry for all the pics--these are only a few of what I shot:

And even in the big city of Boston, you can find a little wildlife. No, seriously. Like the infamous Charles River white geese, seen here from the Boston University bridge:

Alas, here we are back in Butte, missing oysters and seeing daughter Emily. Guess we'll head to Chico Hot Springs/Yellowstone National Park this weekend and drown our sorrows.


Deer Passion said...

The jellyfish pix are amazing! I know what you mean.. It's always fun to travel but it's nice to be home too!

Editor said...

beautiful pics and a great post.
we had fun when we went to Boston and this brings back a few of those memories.

tsduff said...

I love the oysters for lunch :) And your butterfly pics turned out so nicely. I have some to post too which I forgot about. I've never been to Boston - it looks neat.

Deedee said...

Looks like you had a good time in our fair city. I've lived here all my life and had never heard of the white geese! Learn something new every day-thanks for the info and the link :)

Sean Eamon said...

Another great blog. Boston was my ecclectic grandfather's favorite city. Butte, Portland and Anaconda were all up there too.

Kirsten said...

Here is a rare treat from Boston's South Station:

EcoRover said...

Thanks, Deer Passion--I guess I'd rather go wolf watching & skiing in Yellowstone, all things considered.

Hi Editor, have to say I like the food and brews of Boston.

Hard to beat a plate of oysters and a pint, tsduff. I'd give Portland OR oysters an extra few points over Boston's though.

Hi Deedee, hope the Charles River geese are able to hang on--guess the folks with boat docks etc want to get rid of 'em. Geez.

Hey Sean! How could an Irishman not like Butte and Boston?