08 February 2009

Moonlight Ski

My friends called after supper tonight to cancel out on our planned moonlight ski--given the endless sunny skies and warm (c. 40 deg F) afternoon temperatures earlier this week, they thought the trails at The Moulton would be icy. After the age of 50, that seems to happen more and more often.

But as I watched the nearly full moon rise and realized I'll be back at work tomorrow and have a late class followed by a theatre night, there was no time like the present. RTD was ready to go, at least when she saw me put a couple of dog biscuits in my fanny pack.

It was delightful: 21 deg F when I stepped into my skis at the parking lot, and an inch of fresh snow on the perfect trails. We skied out to Moonlight Flat above the Neversweat/Sluicebox trails for a view of "Butte, Montana by night" with the various mountain ranges (Tobacco Roots, Highlands, Pioneers, and Pintler) glowing on the horizon.

RTD likes to look out over the valley and sample the sweet scents rising from the forest below.

It was a clear, still night and I was surprised to find the thermometer read just 4 deg F as we schussed back to the truck. The large, rapid temperature swing as the sun rises or sets with clear skies at 7,000 feet still amazes me. Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Is this going out in the woods at night a Montana thing? When it's dark we want to be around the campfire or in the trailer!