11 March 2009

Ten Below and Let's Go: A Beautiful Rocky Mountain Morning

Glad I am for friends, skiing and other outdoor activities to keep me from going nuts. As faculty union president at my little college, I interact a lot with our faculty--most of whom are bright, hardworking, and very personable. There are the evil, bullying ones, though... Arrrggghhh!

But how mad at the world can I be on a beautiful morning like this:

Daughter Emily Munday is home on spring break, it's ten below zero, and there's fresh powder: Let's go skiing! Here is Em & RTD (RolyTheDog) on a good run on the Yankee Boy trail:

The Yankee Boy has three steep climbs, three fast downhill runs, flats to skate, and turns in the most "interesting" places: a terrific classic ski trail. Exiting Yankee Boy, you schuss into the Little Nipper trail for a cooldown. And a bit of chocolate (or a biscuit, depending on your species!):

All too soon it's across the old dairy farm meadow and down the trail to the truck:

What's that, Scurrious Squirrel Person (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)? A what near the trail?

Oh! I haven't seen Alces alces for a few weeks, but Moose Person has stepped out to say "Hi" to Emily--an all-too-infrequent visitor:

OK, I'm ready for work and another day of work.


The Moulton: Montana's finest classic cross country ski trails, just five miles north of Butte America.


troutbirder said...

Nothing like office politics to ruin a good day. I think you have a perfect cure. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

That really is a beautiful morning sky. And a moose! I wish we had them.

Lisa Wilson said...

Beautiful! That sky doesn't even look real. I can't get my youngest daughter to ski when it's that cold. She prefers 40 degrees.

EcoRover said...

Thanks, Deedee, TroutB, and CountryD. Nature's beauty does calm the savage beast within my breast.

Citizen and Lisa, after 20 years in this little town tucked up along the Continental Divide, I still stand agape at the incredible skies. When there are forest fires west of us, then the sunrises & sunsets are REALLY spectacular.

John Theberge said...

Love that sunrise photo, very lovely. Answering your question about the chickadees bullying the titmice, no they do not.