30 March 2009

Winter 2008-09 in Butte America

Montana natives welcome a winter like this every few years. They claim it helps clear the state of pilgrims who visit in the summer, get taken in by perfect weather and gorgeous mountain scenery, and buy a ranchette and a horse.

I really like winter and skiing, but this morning felt like April Fool's Day 48-hours early. View out the back door:

Six inches of snow with foot-and-a-half drifts in the alley. Old RTD does not seem to be offering much moral encouragement, either. View down the alley:

Oh well, at least the sun is shining today and there should be plenty of water in the rivers for trout (and anglers) come August.


fishing guy said...

ER: That is too much snow this late in the Spring. We got a 1/2" to scape off the windows and I thought it was too much.

kayleen said...

Brrr. Dawgie doesn't look too happy. Weatherman mentioned that four letter word in his forecast for tomorrow. I sincerely hope he was wrong!

Thanks for stopping by!

Deer Passion said...

At least we're not the only ones.. I'd been bragging a couple of weeks ago about our 80 degree temps and flowers and then we got 14" of snow on Friday. Thankfully most of it has melted now.

CountryDreaming said...

Looks refreshingly invigorating to me. Snow keeps life interesting. I do feel sorry for the dog though.

leslie said...
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leslie said...

Hi EcoRover, Came across your blog and I'm going to enjoy reading into it. I have recently started a blog with similar intent, living in the GYE on the Wyoming side. WOuld you mind if I put a link to your blog on mine? Thanks and I'm going to learn a lot from a veteran like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does that dog look a little put out by the snow?

EcoRover said...

Fishing Guy, sometimes we pay dearly for all of this solitude, mountain vistas, and great fishing/hunting.

Kayleen, RolyTheDog is mostly unhappy because we're not walking. She's easily bored with my shoveling and I've found no way to get her to help.

Deer Passion, it's a matter of faith, some days.

CountryDreaming, invigorating, indeed!

Good to hear from you, Leslie--you're on the Blogroll.

CitizenOfTheWorld, old RTD just doesn't have much patience with me or the weather anymore.