03 August 2009

Lost Creek State Park near Anaconda, Montana

Years ago when daughter Emily was small, Mrs ER & I would visit nearby Lost Creek State Park. Let's go again. Maybe we'll see Big Horn Sheep or Rocky Mountain Goats on the sheer cliff walls:

And we will certainly feel the cooling spray from the waterfall on a hot afternoon:

Stroll up the trail that leads to through the canyon. Beware the deadly poisonous (but oh, so lovely) Baneberry (Actaea rubra):

Enjoy a small handful of tasty (but tiny) Grouse Whortleberry fruits (Vaccinium scoparium):

Admire the delicate symmetry of a Twinflower (Linnaea borealis):

And a Twinberry (Lonicera utahensis; no relation to the above)

The elegance of a Showy Fleabane bloom (Erigeron speciosus):

And the nodding flowers of Pink Pyrola (Pyrola asarifolia):

All too soon, we hiked back down to the campground, made a dinner of grilled antelope sausages and fresh corn, and called it a day.


secret agent woman said...

I never eat berries in the wild for fear I'll accidentally get one of the deadly variety. Well, except for obvious ones like blackberries.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

ER: That is a neat place with a great waterfall for a hot day.

B SQUARED said...

With the exception of big horn sheep, I never heard of anything in your post. Too much city in this boy. Would love to try antelope sausage.

Regina said...

All are awesome!

Janie said...

Looks like a beautiful vacation spot. Great waterfall.
Re: our horses and dog getting along. The white horse tolerates Daisy, but Steve's dun horse seems to genuinely like her. From the Daisy was a pup, they've touched noses in a friendly way.

Deer Passion said...

I agree with everyone.. It looks absolutely gorgeous. One of these days we'll have to come up that way for a vacation. It looks to beautiful not to add to the bucket list!

Lisa Wilson said...

Antelope sausage! I'm not even sure I've ever heard of it. I have had venison sausage and it's quite tasty.

The Crow said...

Your adventures are such a joy to follow, ER.


mpebs said...

Was wondering how far the trail goes? We hiked 5 hours up there today...was hoping to find a lake...really cool log cabin ruins from decades ago!