14 August 2009

Montana's Big Hole River: still red hot

Just a quick post before we head out for the annual camping rendezvous with friends and family at "Dr. Anaconda Lake" (right next to NoTellum Creek) in the upper Big Hole River. Oh yes, and to enjoy the predicted weekend snowstorm (!).

The Big Hole River is fishing RED HOT--had as good a day yesterday as any time on the river in the past 20 years. Lots of spruce moths, mayflies, and caddis making for excellent dry fly fishing. Started about 9 a.m. and left at 11 a.m. or so because I was simply tired of catching trout. The fishing was actually better when I left than when I started!

Sassy, leaping rainbow trout:

Chunky, strong brown trout:

And a few pretty eastern brook trout just to keep things interesting:

I had stopped at Al LeFor's Great Divide Outfitters shop for some spruce moth patterns, and was well prepared. Here are a few photos of the real thing--I believe there are two species or variations:

Sadly, though, someone killed the rattlesnake that has inhabited my favorite spot in the canyon for some years now. I've taught two dogs in recent years to avoid it, and except for the occasional buzz when you walked past in the tall grass, this Rattler Person was definitely no threat to an angler wearing wading boots:

Human People are just not very tolerant of others, are they?


Lisa Wilson said...
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Lisa Wilson said...

Wow, that is sad that the very same snake you were protecting ended up being killed by a human. You may want to read the story of the recent bear killing a human near us. Her death is sad, but out of her own ignorance she has caused a large number of bears to have to be put down. Tragic.

mountain.mama said...

It is sad that people are not very tolerant towards other people much less other critters. Snow?

secret agent woman said...

That's a shame - I'd never kill a rattlesnake unless it's the only way to get it out of my house!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your beloved is fishing so well. There are cutts on the Big Hole, yes? I had a rattler experience this year in Oregon, but it was left alive and rattling.

-scott c

troutbirder said...

My sincere sympathy Eco. It's such a problem when the trout fishing is so good you just get tired of pulling them in after a few hours. And I suppose one's arm and shoulder can get sore to from all the strong pulling and heavy lifting. Perhaps you might consider coming east out here. Last week, I caught two in about 5 hour of fishing. Very relaxing it was...... yah sure!!!

Anonymous said...

ER, i have found rattlers laid back, mellow and always ready to yield their space. sad to see them killed off just for existing in shared space.
re. fire in yellowstone, we have been thankful for the hotter fires that vaporized the pines leaving fantastic open meadows for walking. blowdown made hiking to Fairyland Basin slower. then again those old standing snags are great for birds and bugs[pests, in FS lexicon].
nice moth and trout pics but missed seeing a native cutt on the Hole. any left?
steve of Utah Outings

Janie said...

Beautiful fish on your favorite river.
Too bad someone felt the need to kill the snake.

David said...

beautiful fish, you are making me hungry

Leslie said...

Today at the Buffalo Bill Historic Center, I read a stack of 'wolf responses'handwritten on cards. There seemed to be a plethora of intolerant ones. One even said "forests and parks are for humans, not bears and wolves." Go figure.

The Crow said...

Poor rattler.


~Sheepheads said...

Nice post here ER! I need to get over to the Big Hole for sure! Fall should be good.