01 September 2009

A Lazy Saturday in Butte America

When plans for a weekend away with friends fell through, I wasn't too disappointed: Mrs Rover & I have done a lot of, well, roving over the summer, with treks or guests every week since June. A weekend with no plans? Imagine that.

Friend Frank Ackerman plans to deer hunt with me this year, so we went out back into the Carcass Hills (north of Big Butte) for some target shooting. Here's Frank laying down a few rounds from the 22 Mossberg M-44 target rifle Uncle Jim gave to me (it had been his as a young man) in 1965 (I was 10, and allowed to roam the hills alone with this rifle):

It's good to practice shooting from a number of field positions, including with a versatile set of shooting sticks:

Then it was off to Butte's Farmers' Market with Jan, where we came home with fresh goodies ranging from sweet corn to melons. Mmmm.... a lunch of white radishes, bread & butter, and a beer with a handful of raspberries from the yard:

No lunch in the yard complete without the company of PhoebeTheCat:

Watching the neighbor's horses grazing on the hill out back:

OK, OK, lunch is over and it's time to hang the laundry:

Lots of honey-dos ("Honey, do this...") for the afternoon, with maybe a nap snuck in somewhere along the ways. Then a nice walk to check in with the late summer wildflowers, such as Rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus nauseosus; with Big Butte in the background):

Hooker's Evening Primrose (Oenothera hookeri). The name is not whatcha think, maybe--Joseph Dalton Hooker was a botanist and friend of Darwin who travelled in the American West with Asa Gray in 1877:

And Little Sunflower (Heliantha uniflora):

Capped off with an evening movie (Mrs Rover & I are watching the Up documentary series), we declared it a good day.


Anonymous said...

That Up series is a fascinating watch. I'm not sure how I'd react if I was one of the participants.
-scott c

Janie said...

Sounds like a fun and productive lazy day. I like the views and flowers from your walk.

troutbirder said...

I like the wildflowers and am ok with hookeri but really nauseousis?

The Hunter's Wife said...

My husband has a lot of to dos before the season starts October 1.

That was some kind of combination for lunch.

secret agent woman said...

I'm particularly taken with that lunch.

tsduff said...

Did I mention I'm on my way... your piccies have completely convinced me I'm living in a WAY too populated place.

Loved all the pictures - and the thoughts they envoked. Radishes and beer? Sheesh - you sure know how to enjoy :)

Maria said...

Nice photos of a day well enjoyed.
Isn't it just 'the best' to eat fresh from the garden!?!
This week, here in upstate, NY...has been perfect for hangin' laundry!
Time to get all the winter blankets out there!
All the best, Maria

~Sheepheads said...

8 Hours of Labor this weekend on Homestake Pass. Come up tomorrow afternoon and I'll buy you a beer after the race!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi ER, Hope your friend doesn't accidentally shoot your neighbor's horses.... ha ha

I've never seen white radishes. Do they taste the same as the red ones I eat????

My hubby knows about 'honey-do's' also.... ha ha

Have a great weekend.

The Crow said...

The day, with visits here and there, from friends (two-legged and four) and to the market, sounds wonderful. Glad you and Mrs. ER had a good time of it.


CountryDreaming said...

Even your down time looks like an adventure to me!