10 June 2010

A Mouse Murder Mystery

Found on the front porch: one mouse skull & nose, with whiskers. Physical evidence:

Seen in the vicinity of the partial victim, one PhoebeTheCat:

Guilty or nor guilty?

MOUSE BREATH! Guilty. Sentence: one sacuer of milk.


Elizabeth said...

Yuck!! I say she's more than guilty!! Phoebe's gorgeous ER.

The Crow said...

Miss Phoebe eats everything but the squeak, it appears!


WVis 'fureams' - a contraction of fur dreams?

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Oh yes - guilty as charged!

Judy said...

I used to have a Phoebe cat, but she has gone to the great garden in the sky...
Yours is beautiful with that long coat!!