22 June 2010

Rhubarb Pie: one of spring's Big Three

If Grandma Beryl Nell Fitzgibbons Munday were alive she'd be waypast the century mark. She's been dead about a decade, but each year I seem to hear her voice as strongly as when she was younger and raising me. According to Gram, there were three "tonic foods" everyone MUST eat at least one mess of each Spring: dandelion greens, leeks (aka ramps), and rhubarb. I had my dandelion greens last week and (sadly he sighed) leeks do not grow in the northern rockies. But we do have a fine old rhubarb plant:

It's beginning to bolt (form flower heads), so it's time to harvest some stems smaller than one-inch in diameter (larger stems can be tough):

Trimmed of leaves and cut into one-inch pieces, the stems go into a pie:

Next to Grandma Beryl, Mrs Rover makes the best pies in the world:

Mmmm good.


Janie said...

I've never made this, but our neighbor shares her pies with us every year. Yum, I agree.

Elizabeth said...

My mum loves rhubarb pie - I've never actually tasted it before, but Mrs Rover's pie looks delicious!