30 July 2011

Skywatch Friday: Hawaii and Montana

We visited daughter Emily who is doing research in Marine Biology near Kona on Hawai'i ("Big Island"). Lots of good memories (see separate post): snorkeling, hiking to remote beaches, touring the volcano/lava flows, and visiting the coffee farms. Ah, and the sunsets, whether from the rugged north coast:

From our hotel beach:

Or from the local Mai Tai bar with daughter Emily and Mrs Rover:

Still, it was nice to back home in southwest Montana, where I headed to the mountains, backpacking in the Highlands just south of our home in Butte. High elevation, crisp clear air, snow cornices, and the view of Red Mountain from Table Mountain:

And hanging out on Table Mtn with MollyTheDog for lunch and soulful contemplation:


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed both of these posts. There are so many gorgeous places to visit, but home feels so good!

Did Mollie get a lei?

Janie said...

Oh, I see now that you're home already. That explains why you had time to post about Hawaii.
Love the photos of Hawaii, but Montana is equally beautiful and exciting.