23 December 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

As is tradition, we waited until daughter Emily was home to go out into the hills and cut our Christmas tree. This year, we decided to cut a tree from the National Forest lands (don't forget your tree permit!) along the ski trails at The Moulton just north of town. Pulk (sled with tow bars)? Check. Cross country skis? Check. Saw? Check. MollyTheTreeTrackingDog? Check.  OK, which way did it go? American Gothic, the tree cutting version:

Ah, here's a good one--an Engelmann Spruce, and not too far off the ski trail:

Jeez, I didn't think the hill was this steep up to the trail:

Load it on the pulk:

Now pull:

And pull some more. How far IS the truck? Hmm, it's really getting warm today. Jeez, this should be an Olympic event:

Truck at last:

Into the house and up. Ceiling? 9 feet. Tree? 9 feet. Perfect:

Decorated, all in the same day--a new family record!

Merry Christmas everyone!


secret agent woman said...

There s nothing in the world like a fresh cut Christmas tree.

Arija said...

Now that's a nice way to get a tree and a lovely one it is., Beautifully decorated too and in such fine company.

Granddaughters brought home a 15' Monterrey pine that makes it all the way up to the ceiling. Younger granddaughter (tall and a dancer) was balancing on top of the ladder and manage to decorate it to the very top.

A very merry Christmas to you and yours.

HansHB said...

Nice shots!
I wish you too a Merry Christmas!

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Nice pics of the tree being transported. Merry Christmas.