01 December 2011

Hunting Ends, Skiing Begins: life in southwest Montana

[caution: dead critters ahead]

I thought hunting season had ended, but there were a few more days in celebration of friendship, family, and nature. I enjoyed a wonderful, long, strenuous day climbing a mountain in search of elk with my friend Matt and his partner Jennifer:

You know you are in elk cover when you see the 5-needled boughs of whitebark pine:

As we reached the ridge top, the sky cleared, and the climb was totally worth it elk or no:

When Emily was home with her partner Evan over the holiday, we went out for just one more deer--most of which went into a huge batch jerky. As always, we promised the mulie doe that we would honor her spirit and use her flesh well. Here are Evan and Emily, skinning the deer (its hide will be used for buckskin gloves for the two of them):

My friend Frank still had a "Deer A" tag, so went out one morning (home by 11). Frank & Hwe will honor his spirit and use his flesh well:

Just in time for Emily & Evan's visit, we picked up enough snow for good skiing on the cross country trails near Mill Creek Pass (aka "Mt Haggin"):

The St Bernard from a nearby lodge joined us for free--but you have to supply your own brandy for him to carry:

Happy Winter, Everyone!

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Veronica Wald said...

Looks like great St. Bernard country...and Montana people country, and black lab (?) country!
Also it's nice to see so much snow this early, may it continue to pile up high and deep until May!