12 March 2010

EcoRover Goes to Boston

Boston is a great city. For daughter Emily's last conference swim meet, our friends Andy, Sarah, and Emily Wilson came down from New Hampshire to spend several days with us. True friends, willing to put in all that bleacher time at a swim meet!

Between times, though (while Emily Munday prepared for finals), we got out & hit the pavement. Mrs Rover & I spent some delightful hours at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I like the welcoming statue, "Appeal to the Great Spirit" by Cyrus E. Dallin:

We were lucky to hit a special exhibit of work by Albrecht Duerer, an early modern artist I teach to give students a glimpse into European technology & society c. 1500. Here's a print titled "The Prodigal Son amid the Swine" (I've often wondered about Duerer's use of swine in this Old Testament image, given Judaic proscriptions about pork as unclean meat):

And here's Duerer's "Saint Eustace," who converted to Christianity upon seeing a stag with a crucifix between its antlers:

Sarah guided us along Newbury Street, where architecture old and new blend together:

Shops display interesting art (chained so it can't fly away):

And history lives at the firehouse with Engine 33 and Ladder 15:

Ah, Boston. There's nothing like a late evening over sumptuous plates of oysters at The Barking Crab, followed by a ride back to the hotel--where we were the oldest people on a "T" trolley car packed with college kids:

And here we are, the happy walkers, bundled up against Boston's February chill (left to right: EcoRover, Mrs Rover, Emily Wilson, Andy Wilson, and Sarah Wilson):


secret agent woman said...

Boston is a great city for walking around - between the subway and sidewalks, you can get anywhere.

Lisa Wilson said...

Looks like a great trip! And congrats to your daughter for all of her accomplishments over the years!

troutbirder said...

Congrats to Emily on a great career.
btw I been to Boston only three times but found it wonderful. For a American history teacher it's nirvana. Also found using art in teaching AP humanities classes a wonderful approach. You caught my attention with that. Thanks