12 March 2010

SkyWatch Friday: From Boston Mass to Butte America

One thing about the sky in Butte, Montana--it almost always has one. This statue at Boston's MFA is titled "Appeal to the Great Spirit." For sun?

Wait, wait, a glow in the sky! We can almost see it--though we have forgotten what "it" is:

Ah, now THAT'S better. Back in Butte America, the "Mining City," where the skies are NOT cloudy all day, and these streaming mares' tails hint of weather to come:

Sure 'nuff, by noon the cumulus are popping up, and if it wasn't still winter I'd say we were in for a thunderstorm:

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Vicky said...

Very nice post and photos!!!

secret agent woman said...

Can you not get thunderstorms in winter?

nonizamboni said...

Thanks for the reminder of how really BIG the western sky can be!--because I'm an Idaho native. Same principle applies there too.
Beautiful photos all!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful skywatch photo, my favorite is the last shot. Isn't Montana big sky country?

Lisa Wilson said...

Glad to see the sky is still there! :)

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

I rather like that statue.

Fantastic cloud formation in picture four. Great skies.

Maria said...

The statue in front of the Museum is so lifelike. Yes we appeal to the Great Spirit for sunshine! It seems to have been the cry of many for the latter part of the winter... We've had a few gray ones this weekend, but are heading for more sunshine as the week opens up!

It's great photographing the skies for SkyWatch... When I peruse the ones from last summer... I am amazed at the storm clouds I went outside to photograph~
Have a wonderful week!
ps. How's the kitchen renovating coming along?