12 March 2010

Emily Munday's Last Swim Meet with the Boston University Terriers

Daughter Emily has had 4 great years of swimming for the Boston University Terriers. Once again this year, her team closed out the season by winning the America East NCAA chamipionship. It was a sentimental few days for Mrs Rover and I, hanging out with other parents and cheering Emily on in a sport that she has loved since the age of 6. She was lucky enough to find an academic program, city, team, and coaches that fulfilled her goals.

Here are the women, raising their arms in victory:

And after taking the celebratory plunge with their coaches:

As swim parents everywhere will attest, being a fan consists of many hours sitting in the bleachers during preliminary and final heats. With a lively group of cheering parents, though, it didn't seem so long (photo by Sarah Wilson):

Day 1 (Thursday): "The quartet of Maria McIntyre, Kristen Connors, Emily Munday and Kirsten Tullis closed out Thursday night's competition with a second-place finish in the 200-medley relay with a time of 1:42.14 - setting a school record in the process." (source: Women's Swimming & Diving web page) The Terriers were off to a slow start, tied for second place.

Good swimming doesn't just happen. Boston University has been blessed with outstanding coaches -- Head Coach Bill Smyth , Associate Coach Jen Strasburger, and Diving Coach Agnes Gerlach-Miller. Team captains such as Morgan Sawin -- a gifted leader -- were also critical to the team's solidarity and ultimate performance. Here's Coach Jen having a few words with Emily after a race:

Day 2 (Friday) "The 200 free relay broke a school and conference record with a time of 1:32.56. Senior Emily Munday swam the lead off leg, then junior Kirsten Tullis took over the reigns, followed by freshman Lauren Drake and [junior] Maria McIntyre." (source: Women's Swimming & Diving web page) By the end of the day, the Terrier women took the lead and kept it:

Day 3 (Saturday) "Senior Emily Munday and junior Kirsten Tullis went 1-2 in the 100 fly, as Munday clocked in at 53.83 - resetting her previous record in that event and also setting a conference mark. Tullis touched the wall in 54.68." (source: Women's Swimming & Diving webpage) Since the age of 10, the 100 butterfly has been Emily's signature event. Here she is breaking away from the pack (Sarah Wilson photo):

And on the winner's podium with her first place medal for the event (Sarah Wilson photo):

Day 4 "To close out the weekend and put an exclamation point on the championship, the 400-free relay team broke an America East and BU record with a time of 3:23.53. Senior Emily Munday led off the race, followed by junior Kirsten Tullis, freshman Lauren Drake and junior Maria McIntyre." (source: Women's Swimming & Diving web page)

Along the way, Emily also put points on the board with top-8 finishes in the 50 and 100 Freestyle.

After dinner with the coaches, swimmers, and parents, we stayed for a round or two of celebrating:

So here's to the welcoming parents, top-notch coaches, and hard-working swimmers of Boston University. Next year, we hope he men also take top honors in their division. Go Terriers!


Should Fish More said...

Congrats to Emily! Is she going to grad school, or on to the work force? All the best to her, Pat. Have an oyster or dozen for me.

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Good for her - though my hat goes off to you parents too - the hours required to make a good competitive swimmer are not for the fainthearted!

~ MslaSheepheads said...

Although I like the Huskies (Northeastern) a big congrats to your family on Emily's accomplishments.