20 May 2010

Boston University Graduation 2010

It's been a fast four years with daughter Emily Munday swimming for the Boston University Terriers and taking her degree in Marine Science. Mrs Rover & I journeyed east last week for graduation ceremonies, where our friends Andy & Sarah Wilson, and their daughter Emily, were able to join us for a few days. It was great fun with a whirlwind of academic ceremonies, meals out, and touristy activities. This is the third of three posts about our recent visit to Boston, Massachussetts.

Graduation festivities began with an award ceremony hosted by the College of Arts & Sciences. Dean Virginia Sapiro was the passionate & well-spoken MC:

Professor John R. Finnerty gave Emily the Francis Bacon Award for Writing Excellence in the Natural Sciences as part of the University's Alumni Association Awards for Writing Excellence:

The following morning came the big general commencement ceremony. Emily (third from left) and friends "robed up" in preparation:

A little pre-ceremony levity never hurts (second photo by L McNamee):

And here we are in a sea of humanity:

Watching the speaker, U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, deliver the address via jumbotron:

As a highlight of the ceremony, the BU Class of 1970 finally received its long-overdue recognition. Ceremonies that year were cancelled because of the Kent State massacre and fierce anti-Vietnam War protests (NYT photo):

After the big ceremony, the Marine Science Program held its own Graduation Ceremony for its sixteen 2010 graduates. Emily was called to the podium while Professor Les Kaufman recognized her various accomplishments, including her taking the degree With Distinction, Cum Laude (photo by A Finnell; her friends kept saying "Smile!"):

Professor Finnerty then awarded the diplomas:

Following the intimate ceremony (which included a slide show of the graduates doing fieldwork at Belize, Woods Hole, etc), the department hosted a lovely reception with one last chance for photographs (Emily 2nd from left):

Our Emily & Emily Wilson strike one last pose:

Then it was time for the graduates to change while we took a long walk back to the hotel before saying good-bye to the Wilsons. Four years ago Mrs R & I could not have imagined that Boston University would be a good choice: more than 2,000 miles away, a big city, a huge school, and expensive to boot. But tremendous coaching, hard-earned swimming scholarships, great friends (both for us & for Emily), and a superb (and small) academic program all came together in near-perfection. We're going to miss our frequent trips to Boston & BU!

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What a happy bunch of photos - you all must be very proud