19 May 2010

Favorite Places to Eat in Boston, Massachussetts

It's been a fast four years with daughter Emily swimming for the Boston University Terriers and taking her degree in Marine Science. Mrs Rover & I journeyed to east last week for graduation ceremonies, where are friends Andy & Sarah Wilson, and their daughter Emily, were able to join us for a few days. It was great fun with a whirlwind of academic ceremonies, meals out, and touristy activities. This is the second of three posts about our recent visit to Boston, Massachussetts.

The Barking Crab: Emily & I discovered this oyster shack not far from South Station when I had a brief Boston layover on my way to Woods Hole. As seafood -- and especially raw oyster -- lovers, it immediately became our favorite eating place and a "must stop" when Mrs Rover or I visited.

"Where is it?" "Thar she blows!" as friends Sarah & Andy Wilson stroll ahead of us on the boardwalk from the Boston Children's Museum:

Andy and Mrs R begin with "oyster shooters:"

Emily Wilson tries her first steamed mussel (and decides she LIKES them!):

After many platters of oysters on the half-shell, crab cakes, cold seafood, plenty of draft beer, and other treats (and a bill not for the faint-hearted), we strolled north to the historic Boston establishment, Mike's Pastry (left to right: EcoRover, Mrs R, Emily Munday, Evan Morris, Emily Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Andy Wilson):

Small world, but we stood in line with some folks we met while in line for breakfast at Zaftig's, a superb Jewish deli in Brookline. It's not far from the modest home where President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born:


secret agent woman said...

I used to live in Boston when I was a kid and spent a week there for a training thing that left every afternoon/evening free several years ago. It's a great city.

troutbirder said...

Not a fan of big cities but Boston and Portland are the two that I can enjoy. Looks like your having a great time. And congrats on your daughters great collegiate career and graduation!

Maria said...

Yes it is fast... those college years come and go so quickly -

Our son, Jason, graduated last weekend as well - wasn't it just beautiful weather!?! Perfect!

Your trip to Boston looks like it was well spent. You got to see a lot of activity on your whale watch!
My children all went on the whale watch as fifth graders ...

Your photos and commentary inspire a trip out there. We haven't been in a few years.
What a great American city!

Again, congratulations to your beautiful daughter! Job well done!