14 February 2007

The Moulton Journal: blessed with snow

For several days in a row, we have been blessed with new snow. As of yesterday, there was about two inches of new stuff (less under the trees) at The Moulton. The first snowfall began wet & warm which helped that layer bond well to the old stuff, and yesterday's addition of two inches of fine powder was icing on the cake. And then again today we awoke to several inches of fine powder in Walkerville, which probably translates to more at The Moulton. I'll find out tomorrow! [Photo above: the neighbor's horses just west of my house.]

Yesterday's ski on the new snow was wonderful, with all the aesthetic & semiotic beauty of first tracks that I have elaborated on previously. On extra blue at 20 deg F with no wind and the soft fall of new flakes, it was a Norwegian version of heaven. While that much new snow made going a little slow, it also made it fun (and safe) to "ski the trees" here and there. Though much of The Moulton is dense lodgepole forest, there are some more open stands that lend themselves to the great wild slalom. I also took a run on the poleline along Buzzy, but it was a little too slow. [see pic at right]

But, oh, did I give myself a dope slap a half hour into it all: there I was, on plastic w/ metal edge E99s... on a day perfect for the old wooden Head BCs that I hesitate to take out on any but the softest snow with the firmest base! The old Norse gods will banish me for sure. So, come tomorrow, I'll be at heaven's gate with the proper gear.

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