20 February 2007

The Moulton Journal: reservoir flats

RTD and I humped it up to Reservoir Flats this morning, just to see how the snow was settling up that way. Skiing was a little tough (for me) given the wide variation in snow: crusty breakable crust where the sun has been on it, deep but fairly dense powder in the open but shaded areas, and pretty good in the trees--a solid base with a few inches of softer stuff on top.
RTD is feeling poorly again, but (I hope) I've figured the cause: she likes to eat snow. But in the yard we have a lot of spruce needles on the snow from the high winds last week. And at The Moulton, the dead lodgepole pines are dropping needles. When Roly vomits, there are invariably pine or spruce needles in it. I can avoid letting her out in the yard, and might need to leave her home a few days from skiing and see how it goes. How do wolves and coyotes deal with this?

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