19 February 2007

The Moulton Journal: it takes a village...

I went for a long ski yesterday morning on the little Madshus classics. Except for the ungroomed trails of Yankee Boy and Buzzy, I did all the trails in what Rick Appleman calls "the grand tour" at The Moulton. Little Nipper was so delightful on these fast skinny skis that I took two laps around. Zooming down a little too fast, I did take a hard fall at the bottom of Widow Maker. It was icy at the bottom where the sun comes in through the trees and the little skis chattered sideways over the surface as I tried to make the turn onto the bridge at the bottom of the hill. I was leaning into that outside ski for all I was worth and believed I was going to make the turn until the moment my ski caught the soft stuff at the edge. It's been a few years since I've done such an elegant face plant into 18 inches of snow. Wouldn't have minded so much, but there was a crust on the snow and for a second or two I thought it split my lip. Keeps me humble.

Well, head plant aside it was a great run. Many thanks to Mike Stickney for grooming the trails in Paul's absence. The night before I toasted Mike's wife, Debbie, at her birthday party--along with many others who appreciate The Moulton. Even though you don't see a lot of other skiers on the trails, they get used a lot. Skiing the public and free trails on the National Forest land at The Moulton makes you part of a great community of those who love and appreciate the sport, the place, and each other.

Next year, sounds like another sort of birthday party is in order: Rick Appleman suggests a 25th year birthday party for The Moulton ski trails. While they might actually be a little more than 25 years old, it seems that 25 years ago the trail system was completed and a great map created. Hope the whole village can attend!

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