05 February 2007

The Moulton Journal: February moonlight ski

In each of the 13 lunar months of the year, I strive to get out in the light of a full moon--on a moonlight ski, a backpacking trip, or sometimes just a walk back to the truck after fishing until dark. It's madness. A simple walk down a familiar old trail becomes enchanted. And even a moderate downhill on a familiar ski trail can be terrifying. Delightful, wild, lunatic madness.

Usually, at The Moulton, I'll run into other lunatics out for their moonlight ski: the Stierles most often, and I look forward to seeing them for it offers the prospect of an apres' ski cup of hot chocolate at their cabin. Alas, this moonlit night RTD and I found ourselves alone out on Big Flat, taking in the full moon and Butte by night.

On a still, clear night the cold seeps in through my jacket. Standing out in the open, you can almost hear the sucking sound of heat being drawn away from the ground and up into the sky. RTD says "Time to head home."

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