01 February 2007

The Real State of the Nation

Bush lies and our kids die. Before Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” publicity stunt on the aircraft carrier, 139 American soldiers had died in Iraq. Our death toll is now over 3,000 and the end of Bush’s mission is nowhere in sight. By destabilizing Iraq Bush recruited tens of thousands of Arabs to the radical Islamic cause. Bush kicked in the neighbor’s door and gave him a black eye, and now he wants us to fight the battle.

But the war is just one way in which Bush and the Republicans misled and harmed America. Bush tried to be our all-powerful and all wise father, but clearly this father does not know what is best.

Our average household income declined under Bush’s rule, while corporate profits soared. We’re paying more than two bucks a gallon for gas, while Bush’s cronies at ExxonMobile made more than $36 billion in profits for 2006. Republicans sent our hard-earned dollars into corporate pockets.

Though Bush tells us health care is a top priority, about ten million Americans who had health care in 2000 lost it by 2006. And families who have health care now pay an average of $248 per month, whereas in 2000 they paid $135. Republicans made America less healthy.

Bush also told us that he’ll “make it easier for Americans to afford a college education.” Yet the cost of a college education increased more than 30% since 2000, and at the same time, Bush cut federal aid for college students. Republicans failed to invest in the future of America.

Bush’s irresponsible spending and tax breaks for big business turned a $236 billion surplus (2000) into the current $423 billion deficit. By sending jobs overseas, he doubled our trade deficit. Republicans spent our treasury like drunken sailors.

Two years from now, we again go to the polls. By twice electing Bush and other Republican stooges, Americans proved they were suckers for what Bush said and oblivious to what Bush did. Speak up, America. Challenge the big money corporate agenda. Take back America.

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